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Gaia Main Chain

  • Gaia is a peer-to-peer map network completely. Map data update, map service provision and maintenance can be initiated from any node in the network and cooperate as needed throughout the whole network without any centralization mechanism. T

AI Space observer on blockchain.

  • The world's first portable blockchain AI device, which can be mounted on cars, motorcycles, and even on shoulders. The efficiency of data collection is 150,000 times more than the traditional manual data collection methods, and the dependency of bandwidth is 100,000 times that of traditional approach.

Our Team
  • Oliver is the world's leading expert in the spatial information industry, the only continuous entrepreneur in China's spatial information industry that was acquired by two A-share listed companies, was praised as the "most reliable and successful entrepreneur" by Manzi Xue, the father of Chinese angel investment.

    With over 20 years of global operating experiences and continuous successful entrepreneurship ranging from big data, mobile, and the mapping sectors; Oliver has deep insight and strong leadership in the industry forefront. One of his successful exits was as co-founder of Cennavi, the largest UGC map in China, being acquired in 2008 for 100 million RMB by NavInfo (002405.SZ), the largest listed company in China, and is currently its second largest business. Oliver's next company LBAdvisor Technology, a big data-focused company that was acquired in 2016 by Blue Focus (300058.SZ), a global top 10 largest PR company. He was the head of Navteq Asia Pacific, the world's largest infrastructure map service provider before founding GoWithMi. Navteq was acquired by Nokia at a record price of 8.1 billion euros at the end of 2008 and was renamed Here map. At GoWithMi Oliver is creating a mapping ecosystem that will compete in developing markets in ways no other company can.

    Founder & CEO
  • Simon is one of the earliest founders of map navigation engine in China. He is the top technology expert in the global location-based services (LBS) field, with complete front and back end and maps full engine self-development capabilities.

    With over 15 years of map product development experiences ranging from commercial to personal terminals and continues industry focus plus keen technical sense; Simon accumulates massive of map navigation and core algorithm researches and internet product development and management experiences. He represents one of the few technical algorithm experts in the field of LBS with the ability to build over 10 million active users from scratch. Since he started his career, he has led his team to carry out intergenerational upgrades of the overall LBS and technology system. In the early stage of the global internet era in 2005, Simon developed and launched China's earliest mobile map "LingTu” and the web map "51ditu". Later in 2009, during the early stage of global mobile internet, Simon transplanted the mobile phone online map "T-Map", which owns the No.1 market share in Korea, to China. Before becoming the technical co-founder of GoWithMi he also was the head of product R&D for NavInfo and led the development of the first mobile internet product "Traffic Eye". Additionally, he led the China map product team of SK Telecom, a Fortune 500 company and the third largest multinational company in Korea, served as the head of the core product research and development for NavInfo (002405.SZ), one of the largest map service providers in China, and the CTO of multiple 10 million user products. At GoWithMi Simon is leading the technical and research efforts to bring the first public blockchain based smart mapping ecosystem.

    Co-founder & CTO
  • Mr. Dong Yangfan, has been a senior practitioner in the local service industry for ten years, and Co-founder & CEO of Pure Joy Life.

    Dong Yangfan
    Founding Partner & SVP
  • With over 10 years of product and project management experiences in the map industry software products, Yolanda is an outstanding product leader and had successfully participated in the creation of products with ten million daily users in China. She has a strong corporate strategy decomposition, execution, design and landing ability, served as a star product manager in the mobile phone map industry. Yolanda was a senior product manager for AMAP, a most famous and popular map software in China, and in charge of multiple subprojects including traveling, payment, searching, channel, and life services. With her leading of the AMAP’s product process system construction, operation and R&D management, users have a breakthrough from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions.

    Founding Partner & CPO
  • Mr. Iwan SP has worked for 20 plus years in mobile Internet and map industry in Indonesia. He served as CEO for PT Surya Teknologi Perkasa, a mobile monitoring and mapping service provider in Indonesia as well as CEO for Gowes (Kresna subsidiary), a bicycle-sharing company in Indonesia.

    Iwan SP
    Founding Partner & COO in Indonesia
  • Blockchain Advisor, early participants in Blockchain around the Bay Area. Dr. Jeff Flowers interests in Blockchains began with the realization of the power of open communication at solving the difficult problems facing society since the early 90s. He is an advisor to a number of Ethereum based projects as well as an active member of multiple decentralization communities in and around the Bay Area. He also was Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Blockchain University and continues to teach at DLT Education.

    Dr. Jeff Flowers
    Blockchain Advisor
  • Dr. Jerry Fuqua is a serial entrepreneur, investor, manager, and technology advisor. He is currently active in a number of areas involving crypto currencies, blockchain, and gamification. Jerry was on the Executive Committee of the MIT-Stanford Venture Lab (VLAB) and actively involved in the Silicon Valley crypto ecosystem, including efforts in the SV Bitcoin meetup - the world’s first establish cryptocurrency meetup in this space. He is also a key advisor to ICO ratings project. Jerry was an early pioneer of commercial web services, initially as the co-founder and CTO of Internet Information Systems, Inc. and World Point Interactive. He was also involved in AI and robotics as a researcher and program manager for the US Department of Defense. As the Principal of Fuqua Associates, Jerry consulted for number of notable organizations including Sony, IBM, United Airlines, and the State of Hawaii.

    Dr. Jerry Fuqua
    Blockchain Advisor
  • The global map expert, a successful entrepreneur, and well-known investor. Mr. Tao is a tenured professor at the University of Calgary in Canada and chief geospatial information advisor to the United Nations. He is the founder of Microsoft Bing Map, founder of PPTV and founder of Z Ventures Group, the world’s largest mapping investment organization.

    Chuang Tao
    Investor & Advisor
  • LiJie (Leo) Wang is a well-known angel investor, member of China Angel Investment Association, executive member of Shanghai Angel Investment Committee, vice president of Zhongguancun Angel Capital Association (ZACA). In 2011 Leo founded the PreAngel angel investment brand. Currently, he has invested in nearly 300 start-up technology companies, focusing on artificial intelligence and blockchain, mainly distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, New York, and Los Angeles.

    Lijie (Leo) Wang
    Invertor & Advisor
Investment Agency
Business Partner
  • China's only Nasdaq listed map company, and the world's leading 'space-time' big data company, with full map qualification.
  • GoJek:
    The largest O2O service company in Indonesia.
  • China's famous consumer brand company.
  • the world's leading digital currency exchange platform.
    the world's leading digital currency exchange platform.
  • Akulaku:
    The largest consumer lending company in Southeast Asia.
  • China Beidou civil Center
  • Bing Map:
    Microsoft map platform.
  • Honda:
    Famous automobile manufacturers.
  • Mazda:
    Famous automobile manufacturers.
  • Shopee:
    The Largest B2C corporation in Southeast Asia.
  • Toyota:
    Famous automobile manufacturers.
  • Zoomy:
    The largest mobile advertising company in Indonesia.
  • Mars Finance:
    Famous Blockchain Media.
  • WAYZ:
    Unicorn level unmanned map data Enterprises.